What a great (and, as it turns out, long) weekend I had!  I mean, wow!  My sister and niece stayed with me Friday and so began the lovely weekend I would be spending with my niece.  Brooke was sweet enough to let me have Mary Ashtyn Saturday afternoon – Sunday afternoon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister.  But having that sweet baby girl to myself for an overnight visit is like gold to me.  I mean, I could trade every gift for every holiday for just a night with Mary Ashtyn.  Have I mentioned that I love being an aunt?  Aunt Sassy, specifically – a name my sister imagined. 

I mean, this child runs up to me and says (in a very prissy  and southern voice) “Hey Sassy!”  My heart melts.  Every time.  It really does.  And she’s developed these very cute mannerisms that are just the most precious thing I’ve ever seen!  How could I say no to anything she asks of me?

I am very grateful that we had snow this weekend.  I am glad that the extra layer of fun was added to the adventure of “going to Sassy’s house.”  She really thought it was cool.  As it turns out, she’s an avid snow-eater.  After the first bite, she wanted a cup of snow with a spoon right up until the day she left (which was extended for one lovely day because of the weather). 

I won’t recall every little irrelevant thing we did together for the weekend.  But I will say that the last few months of being a part of Mary Ashtyn’s life have really impacted mine.  Being able to experience the holidays, life, and the world through a 2 year old’s eyes is truly amazing.

Being an aunt is really an amazing thing.  I absolutely love children – all kinds.  But I also really love my quiet time and freedom – enough at this point in my life that I know I’m not currently ready to be a mom.  I think being an aunt is the best of both worlds.  I was definitely destined to be an aunt.  Being more than that remains to be determined.

So thanks be to my sister and her hubby for sharing that sweet girl with me for the weekend. 

Have I mentioned that I love being an aunt?

Aunt Sassy

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