What a week! 

As defeating and horrendous as work as been this week, there have been enough bright spots in my week to totally outweigh the work crap.  So today, I am focusing on the positive.

Around mid-February, I had an “aha” moment and decided that I was going to change my lifestyle health-wise.  I joined Snap Fitness gym on March 1 and have been going around 4-5 times a week, which is a major accomplishment for me.  After working my ass off at the gym, choosing healthy food comes naturally.  I’m not wasting my time working out to blow my efforts on bad choices, and so far, everything has fallen into place fairly easily.

Getting back in the habit is the hardest part.  I am one of those people who either does something 110% or not at all.  Up until this point, my health focus has been ‘not at all.’  It’s been so easy for me to get back into focusing on living the healthiest life I can. 

This past Tuesday, I started a 6:00 a.m. boot camp class.  I won’t lie – it’s very challenging.  But it’s even more rewarding.  I’m very excited about having exercise and strenuous activity as a part of my everyday lifestyle.  The trainer/instructor of the boot camp class is awesome, and I can foresee myself being active in the class for a long time to come.

After this morning’s boot camp, I went to work feeling like I was unstoppable.  Several situations at work threatened my euphoria, and just as I was near giving in to the negativity, I was reinforced.  I scored tickets to go see my favorite band – Widespread Panic – at my favorite venue in the world, Red Rocks.  Making the trip to Red Rocks this summer wasn’t something that I had decided for sure that I was going to attend, but I went ahead and purchased the tickets (and have since decided for sure that it’s on my summer agenda).

Most of the people I know weren’t able to score even one (if any) tickets for the three-night run.  I was fortunate enough to get several sets of tickets for all 3 nights.  Enough to cover my friends going with me.  Tickets went on sale at 11:00 and were sold out by 11:03.  I acknowledge how lucky I am.

While the crap continued to pile on for the rest of the day, I couldn’t be brought down because of how excited I was about my ticket acquisition.

And best of all, I have one more day of work (tomorrow) until I am off for 4 days next week to go on a solo trip to Washington DC to see the boys (Panic) for 2 nights and do all the fun touristy things that DC has to offer.

To Tomorrow, I say – bring it on!  You can’t bring me down, because I’m walking on sunshine.

I hope everyone has as good of a Friday, weekend, and next week as I will be having. 

Peace and love!

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