This is, hands down, my favorite time of year.  The leaves begin to change colors and fall, the much anticipated drop in temperature finally occurs, college football, and just an overall inner sense of coziness, inside and out.  Something about this weather makes me want to burn candles for hours, and I do!  And there’s always that reminder that fall is just the beginning with all of the awesome holidays to come.  🙂

In the last few months, I have become active with and began serving on the board of a local non-profit, Mamie’s Poppy Plates.    Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, so in honor of this day, we at Mamie’s Poppy Plates created an event “Shop, Dine, and Play with Mamie” and had various businesses across the state of Arkansas volunteer to participate in the event by donating a portion of their proceeds from today to Mamie’s Poppy Plates.  For more information about MPP, please visit Mamie’s Poppy Plates or Mamie’s Poppy Plates blog.

I had a really great day today!  Nothing too exciting, but rewarding nonetheless.  I slept until 10:00, which was much needed.  I made my way into getting up and about and heading to Hillcrest after lunch for Hillcrest Harvest Fest.  It was basically a bunch of street vendors with various autumn-oriented activities, music, and festivities along lower Kavanaugh.  It was awesome!  The weather was perfect, there were kids running around and having a blast, and I just wandered around with a smile on my face.  I did some kid-watching for at least an hour.  You can really learn a lot from children, even watching them from afar.

I picked up a few items for myself and my niece (cannot buy anything for myself without buying something for her!) and left brochures for Mamie’s Poppy Plates wherever I could.  I had the chance to talk to a couple of ladies about MPP.  They were both so amazed at what we do, they both had tears in their eyes and wanted a handful of brochures to tell as many people as they could about us.

There was such a good feeling in the air.  Everyone seemed a bit excited and just happy to be there, including myself.  It was such a good ‘fall kickoff’ in my mind, as I am always very thankful for this time of year (when it finally arrives – especially after a hot summer).

With the feeling of fall in mind, I decided to go pick up some mums and a pumpkin to complete the fall experience.  My doorstep is complete.

I look forward to next weekend, as I will have my mom, my sister, and my niece at my house for the weekend to Race for the Cure.  Mom, Brooke, and I started this a few years ago.  2 years ago, we added Mary Ashtyn to the mix and I look forward to our team of 4 making our 3rd annual Mary’s Girlz Race for Cure (in honor of my mom’s mother who died of cancer).  If you have never done the race, I strongly encourage you to experience it, whether in the race or from the sidelines.  There is more positive energy in that place than I have almost ever experienced.  It is a very emotional and bonding experience with everyone around you.

I look forward to next weekend, and I look forward to the many things that this season holds for me.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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